Where's Chere???

Dear Blog,

I’m sorry, I haven’t forgotten you. Sometimes life gets in the way of normal everyday activities… such as blogging – a good lesson about letting go, taking care of responsibilities and detachment.

I spent the last couple days in a philosophy/asana workshop conducted by my teacher and an expert on the Yoga Sutras. It was an amazing workshop, and I feel so blessed to have come into this practice of self discipline.

The workshop was held at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of La Mesa, and Patanjali was dressed & blessed with garlands for the occasion.

In the picture below from right to left (yes, that’s backwards) is Gitte Bechsgaard (Yoga Sutras expert from Toronto), Rita (an Ayurvedic expert from SF), Gloria Goldberg (my teacher who is a highly acclaimed Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher) and on the very left is Robin (Gitte’s assistant).

Incredible people!

I had a great class this morning teaching my wonderful students and am now heading out the door for a pedicure. It’s a great life.

Nati’s at 11:30 tomorrow anyone?

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