Only in OB …

Above & below – Playing (literally) on the drum this morning.

Moonset early yesterday morning. You can even see Saturn.

Debi Lilly about to bloom.

Bad news – Last Friday while I was enjoying lunch at Stella’s with my cousins someone scratched my bumper.  

Good news – They left a note with a phone number.

Bad news – The phone number is bogus.

Here’s Chainee. We Skyped over the weekend. She’s living in an apartment with another girl, working at McDonald’s and just got her first 3 college credits!

Rancho’s – good Mexican food, inexpensive and it’s right down the street from us. We go there a lot and have noticed they have a wide array of table ware. Usually there are a couple different types on the table. The other night we sat at a table set for 4. Of those 4 place settings, not one of the knives was the same.

Not one of the forks was the same…

In fact, there wasn’t a match in the entire bunch. It’s these little things that keep me forever amazed and amused.

Only in OB – The man below is sporting his finest pajamas and tennis shoes as he walks past Shades.

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