All in a Day's Fun!

Above – You’re probably wondering if Ziggy dumped all these toys out around his dog bed …

Below – PB&JsThen, a little fun in the yard. Hogan’s yard gets a pretty good breeze and much of the time it’s shady so it’s a cool place to play. Cool as in fun and out of the heat.

What’s a day with the kids without a video to share? Someday they’ll thank me for these, and for all the photos, too …

Some serious eating. Sparts didn’t wait for the spaghetti to dig in to Ron’s sausage. He’s certainly got the idea on how to handle the knife and fork.

Maya helping Pappa fix the leak under the sink, handing him the wrench. She looks a little more comfortable than Pappa.Bear’s a big help too.

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Photos and video taken 17 Jul 2016

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