Tortoise, Squirrel, Dummy & Dogs

Above – Hogan… If it’s in the way, keep plugging away until it moves.

What’s that in the middle of the photo on the bush?

Why, it’s a little squirrel. (At the foot of Ladera on one of our morning walks)


Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

More emergency crews utilizing the treachorous cliffs to dummy around.

Waiting for dinner one day. 

… and then the next.

We had guests staying at our house last week. This was just after I told them the dogs don’t chew things. That bag was holding two pairs of yoga shorts. The bag didn’t move, but somehow it developed a hole in the bottom and the shorts found themselves on the floor … all wet. Bad dog.

And then the very next day, we came home to find a box of tissues chewed up. We must have gotten home in the nick of time before it got spread all over Bruce’s living room. Bad dog.

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