SF Metro Ride

Above – Two happy boys taking a ride on the metro. What we thought was a cable car because it runs on a track with cables attached to a rail on top is, in fact, considered the “rail.” So we took a ride on the rail. Alo’s toy train, seated next to us, enjoyed this new experience.

Below another photo of me and the boys atop Mt. Davidson Sunday. Kando had just taken a spill and rolled over face down in the dirt. No big deal really, but he certainly wasn’t happy about it!

After our hike, we had dinner at a Greek restaurant in West Portal, then we hopped on the rail and took a ride to the embarcadero thinking we’d stop in at a coffee shop and then head back. There were a couple things we didn’t take into consideration. First, it was a Sunday evening and there were absolutely no coffee shops open in the city. Not one. Let me backtrack … There was a coffee shop open, but after a certain hour (sometime before we got there, of course) it converted to a bar. Coffee shop by day, spirits by night. Go figure. So we caught a rail back to West Portal where Robb’s car was. This leads me to the next thing we didn’t take into consideration – there was a 49ers game that day so the ride back was a bit more crowded. The kids came in handy though. A couple people gave up their seats to us!

We didn’t take any photos of the crowded rail ride, only the ride into town when we had plenty of room. See how cozy we were …

After the rail ride we made a pit stop at the Starbucks in West Portal where Alo finally relieved himself (no more squirming for him) and he got a kids’ cocoa, which he proudly wore …

If you’ve been a reader of my blog since my 2015 Pune trip, you may remember Mo Mo’s the dumpling place. Well, I found its San Francisco sister restaurant, Shanghai Dumpling King, within walking distance from my flat. It brought back sweet memories of Pune restaurant experiences – a very modest interior, a deity of some sort (look just to the right of the two American flag stars) similar to the Ganesha proudly displayed at all Pune restaurants, and a communication barrier.

The food was very good and inexpensive! What you’re looking at below is a $9.75 meal consisting of a large bowl of hot & sour soup that cleared out my sinuses, eight dumplings (4 of which I took back to my flat for another meal) and a pot of tea.

Below is view from my seat at Big Joe’s, a coffee shop down the street from the Abode (where I’ve been attending this yoga intensive). Big Joe’s is open until mid day and serves up a great lunch. I’ve eaten lunch there 3 times – a salad one day, a tuna melt with a side salad yesterday, and a salad and latte today.

Mom, that skeleton is right up your alley – it sings and dances at the flip of a switch!

Today was a “short” workshop day – we got out at 11. I’m doing a load of laundry and plan on spending much of the afternoon studying, then maybe go out for a walk later to stretch my legs. Yep, I’m in a 7-day yoga intensive and I’ll need to go for a walk to stretch my legs.

What does San Diego have in common with San Francisco? Both our football teams are 1-3. I’ve decided to be a 49ers fan for a day (tomorrow) and watch them play Thursday Night Football. I’m already getting in the mood – I stopped at Safeway on my walk home today and picked up some microwave popcorn. Kickoff is at 5:25pm if you’d care to join me in spirit.

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