Sand, Cars, Dummies & Food

Above & Below – The cutest thing ever.

If you’re not on FaceBook, then you missed seeing Alo’s car collection. Do not fear, here are a couple photos. If you were to ask Alo (probably also if you don’t ask him) he’d be happy to tell you the type and color of every one of them.

He spends much of his spare time (when he’s not reciting past and present U.S. presidents’ names) playing with these cars. In fact, he doesn’t usually go anywhere without toting one or more of these with him.

The other day on our walk we came across these dummies and other things laying around at Sunset Cliffs. We asked the guys dressed in what appeared to be military suits what they were doing. Come to find out, they’d traveled from Maryland to work with the Chula Vista Fire Department rescue team. We didn’t stick around to watch, but they were preparing to toss these dummies off the cliff and then repel to “rescue” them. See Bear was interested too.

Let’s talk food. Why? For no reason really. Just thought you’d like to see what I had for lunch yesterday – St. Germain Yogurt (organic and natural – plain flavor) with fresh organic strawberries, blackberries and raspberries with a Cosmic Cranberry Kombucha. This has become one of my favorite lunches, mainly because it’s easy and delicious.

Then there was dinner. Bruce does most of the shopping at OB People’s Food Co-Op and on his last trip be brought home from the bulk bin a baggie of “Organic Chili Carnival” which was a medley of red kidney beans, black beans, red chili beans, pinto beans, green lentils, red lentils and pearled barley. He claimed the tag on the bulk bin said “all you have to do is add 1 cup to 4 cups boiling water and soak, then cook for 2 ½ hours.” Nothing else. Supposedly this would turn into a delicious soup. Hmm, I thought while looking at the bag of only assorted dried beans. Doesn’t this need spices or something to make it taste good? No, he said. That’s all the tag said. Luckily he took a photo of the tag which I looked at and with my keen eyesight (glasses on, of course) found the part he didn’t read “Add spices, veggies, sauces ….” So, I added spices, veggies  (onions, carrots, celery, potatoes) and sauces and with some sharp cheddar cheese and Red Rooster Hot Sauce sprinkled on top, it was delicious! It wasn’t a chili, but more of a “mixed bean veggie soup.” I think I’ll have left overs for dinner tonight, and probably tomorrow night and the next night, and maybe even the next night too …

To Alo who may be checking in to see what I’ve blogged today: Hi little buddy!

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