Above – The OB Christmas Tree Friday, a day after we saw all the kids from OB Elementary School walking down Newport with their hand made ornaments. We drove by and they were all lined up to sit on Santa’s lap.

Below – Sparty in the car seat Thursday ready for music class.

What are they up to now? OB lifeguards at the arch practicing more lifeguarding maneuvers.

Oh, and how beautiful is this!!! From the top of the stairs looking south past Garbage Beach and the Coronado Islands. The lump on the horizon to the right of the islands is a huge cruise ship.

Friday night GNO with Boys at our good friends Kim & Dennis’ Escondido home. L-R (back row) Bruce, Me, Kim, Dennis, Vickie, Don. L-R (bottom row) Gail (peeking around the corner), John & Sean (our cook). We hired Sean to fix us a delicious Asian meal.

After dinner and after our wine & ornament exchange that Bruce said took us two hours. We had a lot of fun doing this, but I think the guys were falling asleep …

Photos from up North – Kando at 4 months old, and look at that, he’s already working on his first 100 words!

Kando’s first library story telling. According to Akuch, Alo is in there somewhere too …

Another one of those reasons to reflect on how fortunate we are – Just after the sunset Friday. In the foreground are the Christmas trees lit up across the street. Have I mentioned I don’t ever tire of November sunsets? Oh waitaminit… It’s December!! I love December sunsets!

Bill was moved to the VA Hospice Unit Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday he was resting comfortably and peacefully but Friday and Saturday he had pain and discomfort. We will see him again today and are hopeful they’ve got his medication squared away so he can rest in peace again. Robb and Akuch are driving down today to see Bill. They’ll only be here a couple days, but it will be good to see them and the kids. A reunion of cousins and enjoying the baby should be fun.

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