Peace for Paris

Above – Red skies in the morning, sailors take warning (taken from bedroom window early this morning) …

Below – Red skies at night, sailors’ delight (taken from bedroom window last night)…

This must mean rain!

The OBYoga Water Bottle on vacation again (must be nice …). Here, relaxing at Joshua Tree courtesy of my student, Merle who is on an artist retreat.

“Would you look at those crab legs!!!”

Antonino Tarantino says hi to Robb, Akuch and family.

Robb, Akuch & family reciprocate from the floor in their cozy apartment.

Chinese Fire Drill!! (Is that politically incorrect?)

Hey, the light’s not going to get any greener!! hahaha. I guess you had to be there …

In this YouTube video published September 10, 2014, young British Muslims at Active Change Foundation show their solidarity against ISIS and its actions.

Blogged on Amma’s iPhone/MacBook in deep sorrow for those in Paris with LOVE!

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