Above – Skyping Sunday night. We had a great chat with the WC Family. Everyone was smiles and both Alo and Kando were a joy. They’ll be coming to SD the last week of March, a perfect time for an 88th birthday party!

Below – Alo and Lilli interact. In yoga talk this is called Urdha Prasarita Padottanasana (upward extended feet/legs pose). Notice Ernie. 

At the library.

Not that you need to be told this, but … in the bathroom …

Two pairs in one – I don’t think I shared this one yet. This was the day we brought the little big-headed Ziggy home.

For those of you who didn’t see this on FB, even though there are two dog beds next to each other, Ziggy couldn’t get to the same bed as Bear fast enough to sit quietly and wait for his breakfast.

When we were Skyping the WCF Sunday, Alo asked “What’s Ziggy doing?” I mention this because he’s never met Ziggy, and has really only seen him during Skypes or on my blog. He’s a pretty smart kid. Akuch told me Alo knows how to log onto the iPad and can get into my blog by himself. Evidently he does this every morning. So here’s a big HELLO to ALO. I love you and tell your baby brother I love him too. While you’re at it, you may as well tell your mom & dad too! I would be in trouble if I didn’t mention Pappa sends his love to all of you too.

What to look forward to? Yesterday afternoon we took Maya and Sparty to the Zoo and had a blast! I have plenty of photos to show for it.

Today I’m off to the real job at the real job site. Hopefully I’ll be out of there by 3pm so I can get home for a good practice before teaching tonight.

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