North to South – SF Day 3

Above – Atop Mt. Davidson looking east toward the city and bay.

There’s a park with trails running through it at the top of the hill from my Airbnb temporary digs with beautiful panoramic views of the city, bay and surrounding area. Here we are at the top. As you can see, it took a little while for Kando to warm up to me. But then again maybe it was just a poopy diaper …Below – Mt. Davidson looking northwest.Kando and Robb walking toward the cross.

Apparently the City of SF sold the land at the top of the hill to a private party to keep this cross up, probably for similar reasons the Mt. Soledad cross land was sold. This cross stands in memory of the 1.5 MILLION victims of the Armenian Genocide, something I knew little of until I Googled it. There’s a wiki-link below if you’re interested. Read more about the Armenian Genocide

Speaking of the south, meet Lulu …

Nate’s Butt Farm pony rides …

… and face painting.

I won’t get to see the kids of the north again until Friday when I head over to Walnut Creek for the weekend. But I do have a few more photos to share from our rail excursion after the Mt. Davidson hike yesterday.

I finished day 3 of the Manouso intensive today and in a few minutes I’m heading out to attend a restorative class taught by Manouso’s wife, Rita Lewis Manos. This morning we did intense twists, yesterday we did lots of intense upper back bending/shoulder blade work, and the day before we did about an hour of Parsvottanasana, followed by several very similar intense poses (it’s an intensive).

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