No LA for Me

Above – Alo wanted Kando (& Ernie, of course) to nap with him. It doesn’t look like they’re getting much sleep, but isn’t this the cutest thing ever??

I’ve been fighting another cold and yesterday it started kicking into my chest. Later yesterday sinuses were achy and congestion thickening. I’m staying home and laying low today so I’ll hopefully feel better tomorrow for the “Big Day” with Maya and Sparty.

Out for a ride. 

After the storm – towing the cars away that got twisted up in the garage like a washing machine. News 8 was there to document this.

Wednesday with Maya at ‘nastics.

Getting her foot tattooed after class. 


It was rainy and cold so we decided to have hot chocolate and popcorn. Silliness abounds.


The shipment arrived!! Pedro Ximenez Gran Reserve cooking vinegar. Oh, the possibilities are endless, but we bought it for brussel sprouts. After checking online for other cooking options, there are a lot of good ideas. This stuff is the real deal!

Here’s a photo to show the final cooked brussel sprouts. They were delicious. It was an eclectic meal alongside a taco with left over grilled salmon and left over risotto. Yum!

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