More "Cheese"

Above – Sparty smiling at the prospect of perhaps joining the Station 22 team when he grows up!

A stop at Von’s after Music to pick up some Red Rooster Hot Sauce. The Sparts doesn’t have a problem smiling anytime for a photo. At the time he was unaware he was about to experience Amma’s Wild Toad Shopping Cart Ride which he survived … & so did all the other shoppers!

Pappa’s the caboose.

Bear-Z says cheese with her ears back.

Little does Ziggy know, he’s on his way to the vet for his second entropion surgery. He’d already had the surgery on both eyes but his right eye needed some more trimming. When we picked him up late yesterday the vet re-did both eyes. Poor little guy. He’ll be recovering for 10-14 days and he’ll hopefully get his stitches out next Friday.

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