From South to North

Above- Alo and an early start to a long month.

Below – Pappa took ownership of the visor his new friend left behind for me. Hey, I was going to wear that …On our way to the block party last weekend someone was copping a tude …Maya and her scooter before decorating it for the parade …Scooter decorating time …And after. Take a closeup of the lettering at the top and bottom of the scooter.Happiness is being in a parade!Where was the Sparts during all this you ask? Taking a long overdue, well-deserved nap!Fast forward to today – taxi drive from airport to Airbnb.View from the corner looking south.Decisions, decisions, decisions! This is one pretty well stocked kitchen for an Airbnb! I’ve spent most of the afternoon and evening trying to decide which cereal to have for breakfast.… or should I have yogurt? Or perhaps bagel?… and cream cheese, or jam or Nutella?There’s even a Nespresso machine and a milk frother so I don’t have to skip a beat getting ready in the morning. It’s almost like the owners got a tip from somebody on all the stuff I like!

One thing’s for sure, chocolates for dessert. Oh, and wine …I think I need to show some respect and eat everything before I leave!

& now, time for a little studying.

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