Blake Gets a Second Chance

Above – Blake about a year ago.

After about six weeks and unable to find someone to take little Blake into their “forever home” we made a deal (which consisted of a hefty donation) with our friend, Stacey, who operates The Barking Lot in San Diego. We got both Annie and Bear at The Barking Lot and know of their reputation for rescuing and finding homes for dogs of all breeds and ages. When we brought Blake in, Stacey said she was planning on putting her in a foster home, a temporary home until they find a forever home for her. That was Friday. Sunday morning I got an email from Stacey telling me that Blake is in a foster home. Tuesday I got another email from Stacey forwarding me an email from Blake’s foster mom telling her this:

“She is adorable! I thought she was a little spunky for a senior! She can run FAST – and loves running through the yard. She really wants to play with Motts; she runs around him and tries to egg him on but he is having none of it. HE taught her how to use the Doggy Door (took 2 days).  He kept going in and out and would wait for her. She is very polite and well mannered. She loves treats. She wants to sit ON us on the couch but is fine being moved to the cushion next to us. At dinner time she gets so excited that she will dance around on her hind legs. She often turns and nuzzles her back legs so I’m wondering if she has some hip dysplasia or arthritis. Sometimes has a little trouble jumping onto the couch. She prefers to sleep on the couch at night but during the day sleeps in the beds that are in each room – usually depending on where I am. It is amazing how quickly they acclimate. We’re having fun!”

This is great news. Every time we visited Bill in the hospital he asked how Blake was and I assured him she was doing fine and that she would be fine. I feel great knowing she is in good hands and in a loving home with a dog friend.

We had four different people/families come and look at her but for one reason or another she wasn’t right for them. I was feeling very bad for her because she’s a sweet girl with a great personality that just wants to belong and be loved. We know she will have that opportunity with The Barking Lot!

I will keep you posted as I get updates.

If you’re interested in seeing what The Barking Lot is all about, check out the website:

Here’s our “TBL” forever dog (a photo I may have already posted)… 


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