Back Again

Here’s what’s happening on our street today and over the past couple weeks. The City has been tearing up our street for what seems to be months now. There must be 4-5 concrete trucks out there right now. Alo, Kando and Sparty would have a field day!

The alley from Froude down to Ebers is all torn up. They’re pouring new concrete throughout the entire alley. Wouldn’t it be nice if they’d focus some of this to the rest of the streets in OB?

Oh, and that outhouse … it needs to be cleaned out! It smells pretty bad.

I created a new website using WordPress and I’m in the process of switching my blog to this site. If you previously subscribed to my blog you may need to resubscribe but I won’t know until I import the old settings if the subscribers are also imported. It may be a couple days or maybe even a week before I get this all figured out.

Stay tuned.

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