5 Days – The Countdown

Above – Poor baby. Sick.

Below – It’s all about Bearzie preparing for our morning walk. The ritual is I get her leash, she runs to the stairs and sits (im)patiently, I put on my socks and put on her leash, the whole time I’m getting slathered with smelly kisses. Getting her to sit still for this selfie was a challenge.

At the turnaround (Ladera Street), we saw this cute little squirrel sitting in the middle of this bush.

It was hiding in plain sight …

Things that Fly

There was some sort of activity… This helicopter was circling a small section of the coast.

Pelicans in formation, or slightly out of formation …

This is the same photo I posted yesterday but I decided to see what it would look like as a panorama. Downtown San Diego from Coasterra on Harbor Island. Beautiful!

Five more days before Christmas. We’re done shopping and ready for the grandkids!

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