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Certified Iyengar Yoga in Ocean Beach

OBYoga is a privately owned in-home Iyengar Yoga studio, ideal for those students who prefer a small, intimate setting.

All classes are 90 minutes long and follow the Iyengar tradition.

Photo credit - Jake Clennell
Photo credit - Jake Clennell

Tuesday Feb 5
Thursday Feb 7
Saturday Feb 23

Beginners Welcome

RSVP Required for all Classes

Saturday Morning Restorative
9-10:30 am
All Levels

“Iyengar Yoga for Emotional Stability”
Tuesday, Jan 29
6:30-8 pm
All Levels Welcome

Special 1.75 Hour Asana & Pranayama Class
Thursday Jan 31, 2019
6:15 - 8:00 pm
Permission to Attend Required

Thank You!

100 Years of Iyengar Yoga
at Iyengar Yoga Ocean Beach (OBYoga)

"Yoga is for one and all.”  This was the conviction that led B.K.S. Iyengar (“Guruji”) to undertake the journey of yoga for himself and make yoga available to anyone who sought it. Guruji stood graciously like a lighthouse for all those who came to yoga.

“We are human beings, so we should have the qualities to help human beings. That is what I feel is charity.” – BKS Iyengar


to those who participated in the

Charitable Led Practice
in Memory and in Honor of
BKS Iyengar's 99th Birthday


Thank you to the 11 students who attended the 2017 International Yoga Day fund raiser  at OBYoga June 17, 2017. $184 was raised for the Bellur Trust.

"Guruji has told us we can best demonstrate our gratitude for his teachings by supporting the transformation of his ancestral village of Bellur. Some of the landmarks already achieved are a free hospital, water treatment facilities, India's first temple dedicated to Patanjali, and the free primary and high school which supply uniforms, books and a hot lunch, often the children's only meal of the day." IYNAUS

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